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to Klausmeyer Natural Medicine, a naturopathic practice, where we focus on healing the whole patient. We use proven safe, scientific methods that work with your body to build a foundation of health. We approach each patient as an individual to find the cause of their ailments – "we treat people with diseases, not diseases in people."

As you have no doubt heard, the 2013 flu is already an epidemic. The CDC states that the current flu season began early in October and is thought to be peaking at the time of this writing, at least in many locations. There are many ways to naturally boost your immune system and bolster yourself against the flu. Here are my top healthy tips for the 2013 flu season. • Stress Management: In our fast paced world most of us [...]

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Are you finally ready to realize your weight loss goals, experience increased energy, identify and address food intolerances/ sensitivities, flush detrimental toxins and heal your gut? If you said yes to any of these, we have something truly special to offer you this new year. Resolutions afford us the opportunity to have a say in our destiny. It is during the year’s end that we take time to reflect upon the previous year and look forward to the year ahead. [...]

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As a naturopathic doctor, I consider prevention and treatment of disease, in part, through repairing nutrient deficiencies. Basically, if a nutrient is deficient the body will be less able to run metabolic pathways and the person’s overall vitality will suffer. As I have considered the fluoride debate, I have found myself pondering “is our water supply fluoride deficient?” “Are we fluoride deficient?”  Many communities around the country and globe have previously undergone debates about fluoride and currently the majority of American [...]

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If you are one of the more that 29.5 million Americans who suffer from migraine—you definitely want to hear these tips about preventing migraine headaches. Who is at risk of migraine? • Previously had a severe headache that may have been misdiagnosed as sinus or tension headache. • Family history of migraine • Women are affected 3 times more than men What can trigger a migraine? • Too much or too little sleep • Certain foods (commonly tyramine containing but [...]

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I am excited to announce the launch of my new blog! Medicine changes rapidly and it seems like new controversies are always in the news. Is coffee good for us or not… really?! Is butter or margarine the better choice? What testing is best for food sensitivity/ allergy? Should our water be fluoridated? I find that I often want to share important information with my patients, but often there is simply not time, or the patient is already saturated with [...]

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